Mexican Man Denied Entry to the U.S. Cuts His Own Throat at Border

A still image taken from video showing a Mexican man at the Texas-Mexico border just before committing suicide after being denied entry into the United States.

A man in his 30s from Mexico seeking asylum in the United States died as a result of a self-inflicted injury after being denied entry into the U.S., according to Mexican security officials.

The man, who’s name has not yet been released, is reported to have slit his own throat at the Pharr Reynosa International Bridge between Mexico and Texas.

Officials had been directed not to speak publicly or to journalists on the matter, but anonymous sources indicated that the man drew a knife and cut his own throat at approximately 5 p.m. local time and confirmed that the reason for the man’s suicide was a result of being denied entry into the U.S.

The witnesses’ reports are also confirmed by a brief video shared by Mexican security sources showing a man in a blue shirt approaching U.S. border agents on the bridge before raising his hand to his neck.

Later, photos of the man’s body lying in a pool of blood were shared unofficially appear to confirm that the man had died.

Mexican officials are investigating the death, but have yet to confirm the man’s motives for the suicide. The tragedy comes at a time when many people from Central and South America continue to seek refuge from dangerous criminal gangs in their home countries. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has prioritized tightening border security to reduce the steady flow of immigrants unlawfully crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.