Parent company of Maplefields among other gasoline distributors settles $100M ‘price-fixing’ suit for $1.5M

A group of Vermont gasoline distributors accused of illegal price-fixing has settled a class-action lawsuit for $1.5million.

The Burlington weekly Seven Days reports that RL Vallee, owner of the Maplefields convenience store chain along with S.B. Collins, Inc., which owns the Jolley chain, Champlian Farms/Wesco, and Champlain Oil Company which operates Jiffy Mart-brand stores was acquired by the Massachusetts firm “Global Partners,” and that even though the accused agreed to pay a settlement, they have admitted to wrongdoing.

The result of the case, however, has not been entirely satisfactory to all in lieu of the fact that the companies accused in the price-fixing scheme are estimated to have swindled customers for over $100million. Additionally, it has been reported that as much as one-third of the $1.5million awarded to the Plaintiffs will likely be spent to cover attorney’s fees.