Taliban Continues Deadly Campaign While Attending Peace Talks in Moscow

In its latest series of attacks, Taliban forces have killed at least 47 people while Taliban leaders and Afghan official meet for peace talks in Moscow.

Photo: 43rd Sustainment Brigade Public Affairs, CC.

According to Mohommad Yusouf Ayubi, head of the provisional council, the group attacked an army barracks in the early morning hours on Tuesday, killing at least 26 members of the security forces stationed there.

Ayubi also stated that 12 troops were also wounded during the attack, as remaining forces within the base held their positions for two hours before reinforcements arrived.

Meanwhile, in the northern Afghan province of Baghlan, at least 11 policemen were also killed when a group of Taliban fighters attacked a checkpoint.  Earlier, on Monday, Taliban forces attacked a pro-government militia in the province of Samangan, killing 10 people.

In statements released by the Taliban to the media, they have accepted responsibility for all these attacks and others carried out over a 24 hour period, prompting questions as to the group’s sincerity when entering peace negotiations.

Those familiar with insurgency and counter-insurgency movement, however, have noted that an intensification of attacks is a common tactic used by insurgent and terror organization to improve their negotiating position prior to discussions.

Nevertheless, the talks hosted in Moscow appear as a promising step toward resolving the countries ongoing 17-year war.