VIDEO | Amateur Footage Claims to Capture Vermont “Dogman”

VERMONT – A video recently published on YouTube claims to have captured the notorious “Hound of Cold Hollow” on film. The organization known as the Society for the Advancement of Cryptozoological Research, Education, and Discovery posted the video on their YouTube channel last July, but offers few details.

According to the video’s description:

“On March 16, 2021 amateur video footage from an undated encounter was provided to researchers featuring images of a massive wolf-like creature with especially elongated ears, dark blue eyes, and movement very unlike that of any known canid. The footage is being presented here with permission to open up discussion about its possible origin.”

We stumbled across the video as part of the Cold Hollow Chronicle’s seasonal spooky coverage of strange and unexplained phenomena in the area. At first glance, the footage appears to capture a wolf or perhaps a large husky dog amidst a group of trees, but the creature’s movements are a bit unusual for a canine. This is particularly striking when the animal moves its head in a way that would be impossible for a wolf or dog. Another noteworthy detail pointed out in the video is that the animal has incredibly long ears for a wolf or dog.

We reached out to the SACRED organization in the hope of locating the Vermonter that took the original footage and received this response:

SACRED (North) thanks you for your interest and your query. Unfortunately, we cannot provide contact information for the author of the footage as it was provided to us in strict confidence. However, if you would like to share the video to help bolster our effort to identify the creature appearing in the film, that would be welcomed as few news outlets have given any attention to the issue. Again, we thank you for your request and hope our combined efforts will help all interested parties get the answers they seek.

Could it all be a sophisticated hoax using computer graphics or some sort of practical effects prop? To find the answer to that question we reached out to a Vermont-based expert in computer generated images that assures us that a “fake” of this quality would require incredible expertise that verges on impossible except for those working at the highest levels of the entertainment industry.

If the video is not CGI it could be a practical effects prop, but the way in which the animals features move – especially its eyes – appears very natural, leaving viewers wondering who would have the time, dedication, or skills necessary to create such a realistic character.

There’s one possibility remaining, however; the footage could be real. If so, are we really looking at the legendary a “ravening wolf” also described by regional newspapers from the late 1700s such as The Gazette de Québec as ‘loup garoux’ (English: werewolf)?

We’ll leave it to our readers to decide.