Officials Claim Drug Known as ‘Molly’ May Be Responsible for Hallucinations and Suicide

ST. ALBANS – Officers were dispatched to a St. Alban’s home on Diamond Street last Wednesday in response to reports of a women who had checked into an area hospital nine times in two days claiming to be suffering from hallucinations.

As police announced themselves to the residents inside the house a gunshot fired from inside the home shattered a frosted glass window pane in the door, missing the officers by inches, according to investigators. The officials on the scene at the time of the shooting have been identified as Sergeants Frank McCarthy and Joe Thomas and an embedded crisis service specialist working with the St. Alban’s Police Department.

All three officer immediately took cover while trying to make contact with the persons inside the residence but, according to reports, received no response.

Additional officers responded to the scene and a ladder was used to retrieve a woman inside, identified as Katharine Cristie, 31, from a second story window.

Once inside the home, officers also discovered the body of a man later identified as Bruce Hill, 41, who had died from what has been reported to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Hill has recently been arrested in connection with illicit sale of a controlled substance known as “molly” which police believe to be the cause of the hallucinations experienced by Cristie and others.

According to officials at Northwest Medical Center, Cristie is not the only person to have recently received treatment for hallucinations due to illicit drug use.