River Fest 2018 Scheduled for June 23

COLD HOLLOW – Later this month, the general public is invited to attend River Fest 2018 at Davis Park for an afternoon of family fun, sponsored by Cold Hollow to Canada. Cold Hollow to Canada is a conservationist organization based in Montgomery, Vermont dedicated to educating the public at large about the vital importance of the Cold Hollow region’s natural environment.

Live music will be provided as well as booths featuring fun and educational programs on fly-fishing, aquatic insects, wild edibles and much more. The event is scheduled to begin at 9AM with a 6.5 mile paddle down the scenic Missisqoui River from Richford to E. Berkshire, and back. River Fest 2018 is proudly cosponsored by the Richford Conservation Commission, NFCT, and Wild Scenic River Committee.

For more information visit, Cold Hollow to Canada’s webpage: https://www.coldhollowtocanada.org/events/detail/news/river-fest-2018/

or contact: Annette Goyne / richfordconservation@gmail.com